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What can you do about debt?

If you are suffering from overwhelming debt the first important step is always the same: relax, then soberly evaluate your situation.  It is important to honestly evaluate your position and understand the source of the problem.  Issues with debt can stem from a variety of things:

  • Lost job
  • Illness in the family
  • Out of control spending
  • Living beyond your means
  • Failure to prioritize expenses
  • etc.
Once you have located the problem the next step is to map out a plan to get the problem under control.  Worry about the problem first, taking care of the debt will come later, this is the only way to truly fix your situation.  If you don’t fix the cause and only address the symptoms (debt) then you will always be stuck fighting an uphill battle.


If you have accounts seriously past due or charged off you need to look into settling these out (click here).  If you are current or barely behind on your payments but want to get out of debt continue reading below: 


Get Control

Once you have identified the problem leading to your debt it is vital to take careful, calculated steps to address the issue.  This is obviously easier said than done.  Most people know more or less what they should do but either don’t know how or don’t have the willpower to make the necessary changes on their own.  But with help and guidance you can take significant, powerful steps down the road to financial freedom.


To begin getting control of your situation you will probably need a whole-scale reevaluation of your personal finances so you see where money is coming in and going out.  After getting a clear picture of your finances you need to address the two sides: 1) Income, 2) expenses.
  1. Income – If you need to work more or take on a second job this can increase the amount of money coming in, but many times this is difficult if not impossible.  This leaves most of your room for improvement with:
  2. Your expenses – cutting out waste, downsizing, and prioritizing will free up money to put towards paying down debt and getting out from underneath the control of lenders.
It is important to get on a budget, automate your bill pay, and set up your financial life in a way that frees up extra money as much as possible.  And of course you want to be able to do all of this while improving your credit and setting yourself up for long-term success.  This is exactly what our ’5 Steps to Credit Success’ program does – it will guide you step by step in creating and implementing a plan to address the major aspects of personal finance while establishing solid credit in the process.


Getting on a budget, controlling your spending and doing everything possible to free up extra cash is vital to be able to get out the debt trap.  But once you have the cash, what should you do with it?


What if I have too much debt? Can I settle or declare bankruptcy?


Paying off debt in the best way possible

Simply throwing your money randomly at your debt is not efficient and can end up costing you thousands of dollars.  The best thing to do is sign up for a program that can guide you to the best pay-off plan and track your progress along the way.  You might have heard of the ‘Debt Snowball’ or ‘Debt Stacking’ or other debt payoff strategies, but which one is best for you?  A professional program (even if it costs a little each month) can show you and be more than worth it.  The benefits include:
  1. Do-it-yourself plans just don’t work for the majority of people!
  2. A powerful, automated system can show you the quickest payoff methods and the way to save the most money.
  3. Online services have progress tracking to show you how much you have paid off, how much you have saved, and how much you have left to go.  It will motivate you and push you along to a life free from debt.
Read more about it here.  Start getting out of debt today!



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